Wedding in Expensive Hotels.

Some of the Brides and Grooms like to have their wedding lavishly held at 5 star hotels to show their wealth and pride to their community.400 to 1,000 guests are invited for the marriage ceremony where the Buffet cost for each guest may start somewhere from Rs 5,000 and some people had paid 15,000 for each of their guests dinner or lunch at these hotels. Each tables used to have expensive short eats and expensive imported bottles used to be placed there.

One waiter used to serve two tables of guests which are reserved according to the visiting guests' status. These kinds of lavish wedding parties are planned for invited guests only. So the families used to inform the guests in advance that if they can't attend the ceremony then inform it to them early as they can invite another guest or to reduce the number of plates served at the venue to save money.

At the bottom of the wedding cards they used to print it as RSVP. (Répondez S'il Vous Plaît.) This is in French and it means: Reply, If You Please) and date at the bottom of the card, if you are organizing a expensive dinner. So the guests will inform you about their presence and you can save on number of guests, if any of them are unable to attend the event. Some time people may provide a separate card with the RSVP to send them about your intention on the event.

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