Sevvai Thosam. Mars Affect. Kuja dosha. Mangal dosha.

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Sevvai Thosam. Mars Affect. Kuja dosha. Mangal dosha.

Sevvai Thosam or Sevvai Dosham means that a person born in certain time, day, month and year may have the affect of Planet Mars in the person's life. Her/his astrological chart will show thiseffect. This planet Mars affect is also called as Kuja dosha or Mangal dosha in India. The prediction can't be given by an average person. It must be calculated and checked by a good astrologer. Sevvai Thosam is possible when the Sevvai is stationed in certain house in the chart of the boy or girl. This Sevvai Thosam may give the chart owner a late marriage in his life and can provide jobs mostly in the defense sector or in related field. In India this Mars Affect is called as Kuja Dosha and Mangal Dosha.

According to scientific reasons Sevvai Thosam affected people have red cells count in large number in their blood.
It was told that a person with high red cells in blood should not marry a person with high red cells in blood. Because of these that their children may have defects at their birth.

Sevvai Dosham Definition.

If Sevvai comes in the 7th, or 8th houses from the Lagna or Chandran or Sukran, the horoscope is expected to be affected by Sevvai Dosham.

Remedies for Mars effect.

The first one is the person who is affected by this Kuja Dosh can visit to the Vaitheeswaran temple in Tamil Nadu, and should bath in the holy waters of that temple and worship the Sevvai (Planet Mars) on Tues days for 9 weeks. According to the historical stories this is the Temple where planet Mars prayed for his dieses to be cured by the God Shiva. Regularly visit the "Navagraha Gods" and worship, specially on Tuesdays. As per Tami Nadu people, on tuesdays, during the sunrise time, light 5 oil lamps in the pooja room and worship towards Lord Subramanya and Goddess Durga.

In Colombo Hindu temples, it is usual on Tuesdays people affected with marriage delays used to perform the "Ragu Kala Poojas" in front of the Durga Devi Amman. Thousands of devotees come here to perform this Poojas in the Colombo temples, where Durga Devi Amman is present. For more information on how to perform this Poojas, you can contact Bambalapitiya Katheresantemple or Mayurapathi Amman temple priests. They are very helpful in this Sevvai Dosam cases..

The Bride who have Sevvai Dosham used to marry a Banana tree and then finish with that marriage and then marry the Groom so, the groom won't have any life threatening effects due to this dosam. This practice was being carried out in India and Srilanka for long time.

Marriage Between Sevvai Dosham Affected Party.

Sevvai Dosham Affected Boy must marry Sevvai Dosham Affected girl to overcome such issues. The girl or the boy who has Sevvai thosam must marry a person who too have matching Sevvai thosam to prevent any bad affects that may cause by the planet Mars in their life. The modern day science says these people who are affected and have Planet mars in certain house of the charts actually had their blood's Rh factor different from the normal person. So if you thing that if you have Mars in certain house of your chart check your blood's Rh factor to make it sure before the astrologer decide on it. There is another fact that if the bride had passed the age 28, she will not get affected by any of her Astrological chart affects. So she can marry happily after 28, without any fear of their marriage life. So first of all make sure that the birth time is perfectly written down. Check not only with one astrologer but with many astrologers about the chart of the girl or the boy.

Rumors from the popular Indian Newspapers say that popular Indian Actress Aishwarya Rai too had been affected by the Planets Mars and that's why she had late marriage in her life.

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