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Srilanka Tamil marriages were arranged by elders before 20 years back. Today most of the Hindu Tamils don't marry between relatives because of scientific reasons of genetically spreading diseases. Up to 1970's normally they married inside their relatives, and mostly of the times a brother's children used to marry his sister's children. It's prohibited to marry brother's children to another brother's children; likewise sister's children can't marry sister's children. So it's tradition to people, even the young one's to expect that a Tamil man's son is going to marry father's sister's daughter.

The relationship between the Tamil boy 'Machchan" and the Tamil girl "machchal" are the one called between them. For the Tamil by, the girl's bother is "Machchan". In those days when some one was going to work in a dangerous profession was used to take his "machchan" to assist him. Because all Tamils believe the 'Machchan" is the active person to respond to his call for assistance for his life, when assistance needed. Mostly when going for deep sea Pearl diving jobs or deep water well cleaning likewise jobs. Now the tradition is demising as every family have one or two children.

Now the way of marriage arrangements had changed a lot. Years back boy's family used to approach the girl's family Barber and Laundry man to ask about the girl's character and about their family. They wanted to see how the girl’s mother behaved at water collecting points, so they can be confident the girl behavior will also look alike her mother. If they feel the girl is good then they arranged the girl and the boy to see each other at a common place like a temple, to see each other. If both of them liked each other, they proceeded with the wedding talks. Now as most of the Tamils are living far away countries, they use news paper classifieds as Virakesari, Thinakkural, Uthayan, Valampuri and Jaffna Tamil matrimony websites like www.subamangalam.com and professional Marriage brokers. For Jaffna tamil vellalar marriges Kalyanamalai is popular. Also there are Tamil marriage brokers in UK too are much looked by Sri Lanka Tamil parents living in the Europe and their service fees are very high when compared to Colombo fee.

But one thing, the Tamils didn't change one of their traditions yet, yes - you can tell 1000 lies to make a marriage proposal to end in success of marriage. There is a big search for the Sevvai Thamil brides and grooms as they must match with the other for their thirumana sevai of Jaffna.

Most of the marriage brokers in Srilanka do charge a fee to register with them the profile of the boy or girl. And if they can arrange a successful partner they may ask from SL Rs 50,000/- to SL Rs 100,000/-. Some marriage brokers ask higher rate for foreign registrants and for foreign bride/groom successful marriage. Some of them even ask for higher broker fees for to arrange a foreign partner.

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