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Wedding cards, wedding invitation cards and Home Coming (Reception) invitation cards are seen as important things in the wedding related activities. According to Tamil wedding rituals, inviting relatives, friends and neighbors for the marriage ceremony and for the dinner or lunch party that will follow after the wedding ceremony, are marked as important ones. To invite guests for the wedding, specially made wedding cards are used by the bride and groom family. Wedding cards are available in different colors, shape and designs with matching envelops. They will contain the details of the Bride, Bride Groom, Each of their family details and it will contain the details as when and where the wedding ceremonies and receptions will take place.

These wedding invitation cards are available for sale in special shops, online websites. These wedding cards can be printed in the local printing presses or through screen printers. Wedding cards are normally printed in Tamil and English languages on the same invitation, 2 - 4 weeks prior to the marriage ceremony. Four corners of the greeting card covers are pated with Turmeric powder paste which is believed as "mangalam", or prosperous.

Then on a selected auspicious time, both the bride and grooms family members, normally a married couple from both sides will go to their relatives homes to invite them for the marriage. If a man or woman didn't accompany, it's trouble, the invited family will send only man or woman to the wedding ceremony, as they will say man/woman only came to invite so man/woman didn't came to the ceremony.

Wedding card makers will show you some display cards at cheap price to attract you in their nets. Once you had paid advance then their voice tone will change. First they will say the cover you had selected is thin. So they will advise you to get a thicker one. Then they will say the printing cost is extra. Putting a coloured thread is too counted extra cost. At the end you will pay Rs 150/- per card that was originaly shown to you for Rs 75/-

Wedding invitation cards.

These cards are coming in many designs that are made in paper, clothe, plastic paper, wood and so on. There are many cover designs too available to select from along with the fonts you choose to select for printing. Printings too take place in the press in many formats like single, double, triple, four colors or by silk screen printing method. Most people used to select Indian invitation designs. When giving order for Invitation cards don't forget to give order for the gift bags, cake box or cake packs along with it. That too should match the invitation cards and the gift bags.

Bride and Groom's families should decide how many cards that they will need for to invite their friends and relatives. With the total amount plus 10% more cards is good idea when giving printing order. When you are going through each of the card through, you will find small damages in some of them. In Jaffna a new trend is taking place as another card is served to the relatives and friends for to attend the home coming event.

To send your invitations for the overseas guests, send them 4 - 6 weeks prior to the wedding and inform them about the sent out invitation details to them. If you send the invitation in an open envelope, the stamp cost will be less.

Wedding in Expensive Hotels.

Indian Wedding cards is available in following designs.

Types of Wedding Cards that are available in Sri Lanka

  1. Designer
  2. Scroll (Small Size Scrolls, Box Scrolls, High End Scrolls, Only scrolls, Fabric scrolls, Long scrolls and Colored scrolls.)
  3. Jeweled
  4. Christian
  5. Muslim
  6. Unique
  7. Handmade
  8. Premium Collection
  9. Majestic Invitations
  10. Elegant Invitations
  11. Classic Invitations
  12. Exclusive Wedding Invitations

Designer Wedding Cards Laser Wedding Card Scroll Wedding Card

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