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Tamil Sinhala New Year 2022.

6:57 AM 4/9/2022

Tamil Sinhala New Year (“Puthandu“) in the year 2022 will be celebrated on 13th (Day before Tamil New Year)  and 14th April 2022 in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world where Tamil people are living. The first day of the Tamil month Chithirai (In April) is celebrated as the Tamil New Year day. When the Sun enters Mesha rasi in the month of Chithirai, it is the start of the Thamil New Year. It falls during the second week in the English month of April according to the western calendar. The stars according to Tamil astrology are 27 beginning with Aswathi through Revathi. The star Aswathi begins at Mesham rasi, in Chithirai. All times are calculated according to Sri Lanka Time.

Every year after the starting of the Tamil New Year, parents used to start the search for the Bride or Groom for their children to get married. Some of them directly contact the other parties or used to register their children's profile iwith the Marriage brokers or through the online matrimony websites.

How to celebrate the Tamil New Year?

On the New Year day take shower and wear New clothes and visit your temple for worshiping. If you have close relatives it is your duty to present them with new clothes for them. Also in the evening you can distributes Sweets to your close relatives, next door peoples and friends. This is the best way to celebrate the festival day. Lot of people goes to Cinema Halls with their families or with friends.

Tamil New Year Name in the year 2022.
Subakiruthu (சுபகிருது)

Sri Lanka Government had announced special holidays on 11th and 12th before the New year Holidays. Further more there will be no power cuts will be carried out on the New Year days. On the other days power cuts will be applied all over Sri Lanka to save fuel usage.

As per Vakkiya Panjangam.
Puthu Varuda Pirappu Time.Subakiruthu
Thursday 14/04/2022 Morning 07.50 AM
Visu Puniyakalam: Wednesday 03:50AM till Thursday morning 11:50
Kai vishesham: 14/04/2022 Morning 07:57AM till 08:57AM
15/04/2022 Morning 07:52AM till 09:51AM and Night 06:12PM till 08:12PM
Color: Dark Red, Yellow or New Clothes with Red boarder.
Star with Dosham:
Parani, Magam, Pooram, Utharam (3m Patham)
Pooradam, Uththiradam (2,3,4 Patham), Thiruvonam, Avittam(1,2m Patham)

AS Per Thirukanitha Panjangam.

Day and time of the Birth of Thamil New year? (Thirukkanitham -திருக்கணித ஜோதிடப்படி வருடப்பிறப்பு நேரம் 2022)
14/04/2022 Thursday 08:41 (early morning 04:20 Sri Lanka Time as per Meihandan Calendar) the new Tamil year "Subakiruthu" சுபகிருது is going to begin. This is the 36th year in the 60 year cycle.

Vishu Poniyakaalam (Auspicious Time - புண்ணியகாலம்): 04:41 till 12:41
Color for the Tamil New Year: Red Pattu or new white dress with red border. Ornament with "Pavalam"
Dress: Yellow Silk or white color dress with yellow border.

Kai vishesham (கைவிஷேசம்): On14th 08:50AM till 09:42AM
15th 08:35AM till 09:50AM

Stars with Thosam: Barani, Makam, Pooram, Uththaram 1m Patham, Pooradam, Uththradam, (2m, 3m, 4m pathangal), Thirukonam, Avitam 1m 2m pathangal.

Tamil New Year Names in the coming years.
2022       Thursday, 14th of April சுபகிருது Subakiruthu
2023       Friday, 14th of April சோபகிருது Sobakiruthu
2024       Sunday, 14th of April குரோதி Kurothi
2025       Monday, 14th of April விசுவாவசு Visuvaavasu
2026       Tuesday, 14th of April பராபவ Paraabava

Tamil New Year


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