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Jaffna Tamil Wedding Day Advice.

Jaffna Tamil wedding day advice for the Groom and Bride's family is provided here to safeguard their homes from unwanted events. In Srilanka Tamil wedding everyone takes much care about their appearance in the Wedding video and wedding photos This trend started recently only. In the wedding hall you can't even watch the marriage ceremony completely as the camera men and videographers used to move up and down in front of the couple during marriage ceremony time. Most of the time, people see the lighting and the camera men's backs. To watch the wedding ceremony you have to wait for the video to come in DVD.

Some time the Bride and the bride groom too request their parents also to go to the beauty Parlors, to make them appear nice in the wedding ceremony video and photos. Some guest didn't happen to attend the wedding ceremonies due to carelessly dyeing their hair and happened to get facial allergies and went to hospitals instead of attending the wedding ceremony. Actually the wedding event had become as producing a Tamil movie. People are spending millions of Rupees for this one day event. So, like these things occupy the importance and at the wedding halls, many groom and bride party forget to bring the important things like "Thalik koddy" (Wedding Jewels), Wedding Rings, Garlands, Luxmi Light, Even box of matches.

Going to the Wedding Hall.

If you are bride or bride groom's family member, double check weather all the following items are readily available at the wedding hall for the marriage. People forget everything due to this video and photography actions. Its better to appoint a person for the given tasks. And one person must look after weather everyone is doing their Task. Here are some things we remember to put in the list. If there is anything that we have to include, please send it to us by email.

For the Bride: Check all her jewellery, veil, her makeup kit, enough handkerchief, garlands and flowers for use. Saree and blouse for registration ceremony.

For the Bride groom: Present ring for "tholan", presents to the bride such as "thali", wedding saree, makeup set, tray. Groom's suit, shoes and the rest for the registration ceremony.

For the Kurukkkal: some coconuts, knife to crack coconut, open jar to collect coconut water, 'Salvai" 4 pc's, Donation things of kurukkal Vegetables, rice, "Vesti salvai" as per the list of two kurukkal.

For the Hall Entrance: A piece Rope, "Mavilai", Two oil lamps, box of matches, "thiri", oil, sandalwood sticks, banana leaf, rice, silver pot, enough number of coconuts, flower with grass, one garland, Tumeric powder, A table cloth, Three cups for sandal wood, kumkum and holy ash, "panneer kumba", tray for "arathi', and banana, "thiri sticks", gifts for the visitors when going from the hall, after the wedding.

For the Visitors: Juice or soft drinks, Food, yellow rice, flower petals, "katkandu, kadalai paruppu", wedding cake packets, napkin paper, trays and short eats.

Get one elderly person to be stationed in Bride's Home and Groom's homes. They must look after those homes and must be ready to arrange everything for to welcome the newly married couple for their first home coming. As per Jaffna wedding tradition there must be "Araththi Thatttu" at the entrance to be placed and two married women must welcome them.
Keep lists of all the important people’s mobile phone number including the Iyer. Also arrange for a stand by car for emergencies.

Dear reader, we welcome your correction and add-ons, If you have any please send it to mail@srilanka-tamil-matrimony.com.



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