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Wedding Anniversary Presents.

Wedding anniversary presents are for the anniversary celebrating couples to present on their day. Parents, children, friends and co-workers used to select a suitable present for them. Then they pack it in a gift wrap and present it to them. On this happy day the couples too offer dinner and evening tea party for the arriving guests. In many parts of Canada and Europe Sri Lanka Tamils are conducting these weddding anniversires in grand scale. They used to include Live Bands and Dancing Troupes to perform. They used to spend lot of money to make the event as a successful one. Food nd drinks are served in ample to make the guests happy and in return they used to present the anniversary couple with valuable gifts or with monetary presents.

Wedding anniversary will fall on the day of the couple’s wedding day every year after their wedding date. They may celebrate in their own style as going on a foreign vacation, dinning in an expensive restaurant or in other enjoyful ways. It is familiar for the close relatives and friends to present them with suitable gifts according to their number of years of their married life, many of them present with gold jewels as a new tradition. All over the world, State heads used to send special greetings for the couple once they reach 50th Anniversary or more.

In Tamil weddings, 60th wedding anniversary was used to celebrate by the children on the day of their parents wedding anniversary. This event used to be celebrated as like a new wedding ceremony for the couples and guests too would be invited. There lavish lunch or dinner party will take as the high light of that memorable event.

On that day the proud parents will be the real happy people as they would have been surrounded by their children's families including their grand children great grand children and so on with many other close relatives. 50th wedding anniversary celebration is very popular with the Indian Tamils rather than Srilanka Tamils.

As people are living faraway lands, the online shops are used to select presents for the celebrating couples and sent through courier services. The best way is to select a store in the country where the couples are living. So it will be cheap to deliver the present and it can be delivered in timely manner. Currently there are lots of online stores available in Sri Lanka. So if you are sending a present to Sri Lanka couples, select the present from one of these stores. It will be cheap to select presents and the delivery too sometime may be free. Don't forget a personal call on that Wedding anniversary day will be a great thing for the celebrating couples.

Wedding Anniversary Presents

The Anniversary Year and the Traditional are Listed Below

  • 1st: Paper
  • 2nd: Cotton
  • 3rd: Leather
  • 4th: Linen, Silk
  • 5th: Wood
  • 6th: Iron
  • 7th: Wool, Copper
  • 8th: Bronze
  • 9th: Pottery, China
  • 10th: Tin, Aluminum
  • 11th: Steel
  • 12th: Silk
  • 13th: Lace
  • 14th: Ivory
  • 15th: Crystal
  • 20th: China
  • 25th: Silver
  • 29th: Star
  • 30th: Pearl
  • 35th: Coral, Jade
  • 40th: Ruby
  • 45th: Sapphire
  • 50th: Gold
  • 55th: Emerald
  • 60th: Diamond
Wedding Anniversary Presents Wedding Anniversary Presents



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