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Wedding Halls.

6:37 AM 1/31/2022

Wedding Halls are available in Temples, Hotels and in Individual Buildings. Weddings in Sri Lanka used to take place in Hotels, Homes, Temples and Wedding Halls. Most the parents of the bride and groom prefer to have the wedding in their homes, if it is big enough to hold the ceremony. Tamil Hindus prefer temples while Christian weddings used to take place in their family churches. All the weddings are actually a family gathering event where friends too gather to celebrate the couple's wedding ceremony. Parents of the bride and groom spend lot of money to make their children's wedding ceremony as a grand one. They spend most of their money on Banquet Halls and on the Food and beverages that are served for the guests. In Jaffna lot of Tamil Hindu marriages are being celebrated at the Chelva Sannathi Murugan Temple and Nallur Sivan Kovil. In the meantime these two temples are not expensive to celebrate your weddings. Currently due to increased rice and vegetable prices the lunch price had been doubled in many areas.

Notice during Covid-19. All the wedding functions can be attended by limited number of guests only according to the new regulations of Sri Lanka Government.
All the participants must methods to prevent the COVID-19 infection.
Also the guests must wear facemasks and must maintain one meter distance from other guests.
Violators of these rules will be prosecuted under the latest Sri Lanka legal rules.

When you are going to book a wedding hall for your family function, look for the following things. These are to make your guests and others to be in comfort.
A good wedding Hall must have enough parking space for to accommodate the wedding guest's cars.
Must have enough fire escape routes.
They must be fitted with fire detectors and alarms.
There should be some rooms to be allocated for the Bride, Groom and others.
The building should be good for to listen music, without echo sound from its ceiling and walls.
Confirm whether all the A/C, fans and Wi-Fi connection are functioning in good condition. Get the person's contact number if to report any problem.

Wedding Hall

Managers and the staff of these Wedding Halls are well experienced in the arrangement of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim weddings. It is easy for the parents to conduct their children's weddings without much hard work when they select these places with their package. They arrange all the necessary things such as "Poruwa" for Sinhalese weddings or 'Manavarai" for Hindu weddings with good seating arrangements to view the ceremony. They will provide a small stage for the wedding registration ceremony and one special stand for the wedding cake to be placed on that day.

Buffet service for the lunch or dinner, transport, service of clerics, DJ-music and or Live bands and so on will come in to the package to make the function a joyous one for the families of the Bride and the Groom. If the marriage takes place in a hotel banquet hall, hotel management used to offer a wedding suite for one night stay as compliments for the newly married couple with a chilled champagne bottle and meals for free.

In Sri Lanka Hotels there are special wedding packages available for those foreign Brides and Bridegrooms, if they want to celebrate their marriage in Sri Lankan traditional Way.

Most of the wedding halls, banquet halls have minimum price list if the number of visitors are low. They charge according to the number of plates served to the guests. Normally the price will start from Rs 1,000/- per guest and it can go up to Rs 10,000/- when your requirements are increased. Some of the recent time weddings in Sri Lanka 5 star hotel used to cost 4 Million rupees. If you are not going for lavish wedding function then the charges are reasonable at hotels, Banquet halls and wedding halls in Colombo. It will be a full function package that will cover all the aspects for 4 hours of time period or more as per your wish. If you need more than that agreed time, then extra charges will be applied for each hour you may need. These halls used to provide dressing rooms and rest rooms for the Bride and the bridegroom.

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Here are some of the wedding halls that are available in Colombo, which you can select for your marriage ceremony.

  • Jaffna Wedding Halls (Here)

    Galle Face Hotel

    02, Kollupitiya Road,
    Telephone: +94 11 254 1010 - 16

    Taj Samudra Hotel
    78, Galle Road,
    Telephone: +94 11 238 2201 - 13

    Concord Grand
    139-141, Gall Road,
    Telephone: +94 11 273 8727
    +94 11 273 9600

    Miami Reception Hall
    33, Alexandra Road,
    Marine Drive, Colombo-06.
    Telephone: +94 11 250 4362
    +94 11 250 4363

    Galadari Hotel
    64, Lotus Road,
    Telephone: +94 11 254 4544

    Sapphire Hotel
    371 Galle Road,
    Wellawatte, Colombo-06.
    Telephone: +94 11 236 3306

    Vannai Sri Varatharajapperumal kovil
    Sri Luxmy Narayanan Wedding Hall,

    Galle Face Hotel
    The Galle Face Hotel
    02, Kollupitiya Road,
    Telephone: +94 11 254 1010 - 16

    Suppammal Wedding Hall,
    Mayurapathy Sri Pathirrakali Amman Devasthanam,
    No.420, Havelock Road,
    Colombo - 06.

    New Kathiresan Hall
    339, Galle Road,

    Sumanathisi Reception Hall
    Galle road,
    (infront Of Roxy Cinima),

    Rosewood Ceylon - (Shahran Banquet Hall)
    56, Hospital Road,
    Telephone: +94 11 273 1938

    Ameer Mahal Banquet hall
    04, Rohini Road,
    Telephone: +94 77 742 1220

    Bayer wiesdorfer burger hall, Haupt str.150 51373 Levekusen,

    Ellas Banquet Hall,
    35, Danforth Avenue,

    Sri Manonmany Ambal Temple Olten,
    Bleiche Str 6,
    4632 Trimbach,

    Thukkai Amman Temple
    6 2540 Grenchen(so),



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