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Sri Lanka Tamil Matrimony.

7:46 AM 9/1/2023

Sri Lanka Tamil Matrimony specially Jaffna Tamil Matrimony service is provided by individuals and by some matrimony service providing companies.. Are you looking for a suitable marriage partner for your child? First ask your children whether they are in love with anyone else? If not you can go ahead with the marriage arrangements for them to get an arranged marriage. If they are ready to accept your marriage plan, contact a marriage broker and submit your profile to them. Surprisingly Sri Lanka is recovering from the economy downfall and the Rupee value is recovering against the American Dollar in the recent weeks. As of today Petrol and Diesel prices had gone down in Sri Lanka. So this will give hope for those who are looking for inexpensive wedding function in Sri Lanka preety soon. Wedding Hall rental and meal prices may go down pretty soon in Jaffna.

Last year 2022 was a tough time for those who have girls waiting for their weddings in Sri Lanka. This year 2023 is not bad like 2022 although the Gold price is still very high.Gold price had sky rocketed in the recent time. Meanwhile the Banquet Halls and related prices too had gone very high. Also the Srilanka Government had announced that those who want to marry foreign Bride or Groom must get special permission from the Defense sector of the local Government. On the other hand dress prices too had gone up. Now it is very costly to make a marriage event in the cheapest wedding halls. Hindu people can make their function in any of the Temples for to cut down the cost of the wedding. Also they can arrange a nearby halls to cater the wedding Guests with the meals. In Jaffna normal wedding Hall packages had gone up to Rs 60,000/- and the vegetarian dish price had gone up to Rs 500/- per plate. In the mean time guest transport and other transport costs too had gone very high due to high fuel price. In some places there is no petrol or diesel available. So it is time for simple functions and not for lavish spending.
In this month September 2023, petrol price had been increased and it will affect the wedding related transport expenses.

Akshaya Tritiya (அட்சய திரிதியை)

Akshaya Tritiya 2023: is going to be celebrated on Saturday, April 22, 2023.
This is the day for to worship Godesses Maha Luxmi. Pray to Maha Luxmi offer poojas and donate meals and things to needy people.
On the Akshaya Tritiya Day, It it will give you prosperity if you can buy, Gold, Land, Rice and Salt on this day.It is not only Gold even you can buy rice and salt too.
This action will provide prosperity to their homes.
This day is good for to make investments.

Mahabharata was began to be written on this Akshaya Tritiya day.
River Ganges came to earth on this day.
Lord Vishnu's sixth incarnation of Parasurama was on this day
Goddess Annapoorna Devi was born on this day..
Kubera got wealth and became custodian of wealth and property with Goddess Maha Lakshmi on this day.
King Yudhishthira got the Akshaya Patra from Lord Surya today.
On this day poor friend Sudama, the best friend of Krishna visited and offered "AvAL" to him. In return when Sudama reached his home and found Lord Krishna has changed his home in to a palace.

2024 Valentine's Day.

2024 Valentine's day will be celebrated on Wednesday, 14th Februay 2024. Young people use to buy expensive gifts and to share them with their loved ones on this occassion. There used to be Gala Parties and events were hosted by Hotels to celebrate this day in their specially arranged halls. Most of them require pre booking for the partying couples. Next Valentine's day will fall on February 2024.

Jaffna Tamil Matrimony.

Finding a correct partner is a great task for the parents of young men and young women. Marriage brokers also take this part depending on the requirement of the parents for a large sum of money. Once all the things are matching, both parties' parents will meet and fix a date suitable for the occasion acceptable to all concerned people and according to the Tamil horoscope. Also they will fix the date and time to make the special Gold ornament Thaalee. Astrology plays a big role in these auspicious time and date selections. Once everything is agreed and a date and time is fixed for the Marriage and all the other related works will be started by both parties. Melting of Gold for the "Thaalee" will take place at the Bride groom's place. Special arrangements for the goldsmith to make it and there after all parties will be served with specially prepared food. Later the official registration and the traditional Nuptial Knot ceremony will take place on an auspicious day.

Information for Brides' Parents.

If you send your daughters' photo through email, Facebook, Viber or WhatsApp the photo will stay in some unknown places in the internet.
It can't be removed from the internet. When handing over the photo to a marriage broker, there are people who used to steal from them. It is very rare to recover it.
Even if you didn't post your photo in the internet and if you find it in the internet, someone had taken a photo with their Smartphone and updated it in the internet.
Sending photo through "Snapchat and WhatsApp" is NOT safe as the other party can get screen shot of the girl and can use it as per their wish.

In the meantime arrange their marriages as soon as possible. Don't be tough on the matching and other small things. Look for your son or daughter's future and don't look for your good future on their marriage. If you don't provide them correct path they will alone after you leave this world.

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