Bridal Hair Styles.

11:48 AM 10/10/2018

Bridal Hair Styles are provided by the makeup artist to the Bride to select desirable one for each of her funtions such as for Manavarai, Thalee function and for her wedding receiption. Bridal hair style for the Thalee function should be done quickly as there is limited time only available to prepare the bride.

Some makeup artists provide hptos of the bridal hair styes while some used to show them through the video clips in their studios.

Bridal hair styles with jada work is important in the Tamil bridal make up. All the bridal make up artists have contact in India. They have enough contacts to get the latest jada designs and make them with local flowers and other ornaments. The important thing the Bride should take care is that the jada work should be beautiful one while it should be with less weight. If it is heavy, the bride who is going to wear it for 7 - 8 hours may get headache.

Flowers with brilliant colors like red, rose and violet makes the jada work to look elegant on the bride.

These jada work will cost around Rs 5,000/- to 20,000/- depending on the craftsmanship, legnth of the jada, used flowers and ornaments to make it appear beautiful.

When selecting the jada leave the selection according to the hair stylist as she is the person who is going to work on it.

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Bridal Hair Styles.

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