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Bridal Hair Styles.

11:45 AM 02/26/2020

Bridal Hair Styles are arranged by the makeup artists in Sri Lanka where thousands of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim girls and women are in this profession. Hair styles may differ from country to country and religious wise. Tamil Bride is allowed to select her desirable one for each of her wedding functions such as for Manavarai, Thalee function, Registration and for her wedding reception. The beautician will hand over the sample photos for her to select from. Bridal hair style for the Thalee function should be done quickly as there is limited time only available to do the make-up of the bride. Some makeup artists provide videos of the bridal hair styles for to select from while some used to show them through the video clips in their studios.

Bridal hair styles with jada work takes important place in the Tamil bridal make up. Most of the Tamil bridal makeup artists have contacts in India for these kinds of works and material. They have enough contacts to get the latest jada designs and make them with local flowers and other ornaments. The important thing the Bride should take care is that the jada work should be beautiful one while it should be with less weight. If it is heavy, the bride who is going to wear it for 7 - 8 hours may get headache.

Flowers with brilliant colors like red, yellow, rose and violet makes the jada work to look elegant on the bride. These jada works may cost around Rs 10,000/- to 20,000/- depending on the craftsmanship, length of the jada, used flowers and ornaments to make it appear beautiful.

Some Jada works are sent by the artists from India by Airlines and are arranged to be delivered in Sri Lanka in Time for the wedding function make up. When selecting the jada leave the selection according to the hair stylist as she is the person who is going to work on it.

Many of the Sri Lanka bridal hair Styles used to be copied from the Indian Tamil and Hindi movies while in Europe and Canada makeup artists get their samples from other country artists who are living in thsoe countries.

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