Canada Groom.

True Stories.

A person in Canada who couldn't find out a suitable bride (Or may had married and divorced) contacted a Sri Lanka Tamil Marriage broker. He said that he was looking for a suitable bride. Tamil Marriage broker gave him the details of a suitable bride's detail after getting his fee. So the Canadian tamil Man found a suitable bride who's brother was living in Canada. The Canadian Groom asked for large amount of money as dowry from the Bride.

It was agreed and the marriage took place in Singapore. The dowry was paid and the couple spent their 2 weeks honeymoon in Singapore. Marriage and all the expenses including the honeymoon too were paid by the Bride's family.

The Canadian groom left to Canada and the unsuspecting Tamil bride came back to Sri Lanka. Weeks passed, months passed and years passed. The groom took no action to get his wife to Canada. Bride family was using all the methods to contact that person in Canada. At last in a communication, he said that he doesn't like that girl, and if she likes she can file for a divorce from him.

So her brother in Canada went to that cheater's home and asked for the money which was paid as dowry. Then came his mother and answered to the bride's brother, that she had talked to his sister in Sri Lanka already about the future plan. What she said was dowry will not be returned back, and if they force them to give the dowry, then they will send some thugs to her brother's home to teach him some lesson. So the girl in Sri Lanka called his brother in Canada and told him not to look for the lost money or her run away husband as the family was behind their money under the name of marriage.

Now the girl lives alone here and don't have any money to start a decent life in Sri Lanka. Her brother used to some money from his hard earned salary.