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Main purpose of the Sri Lanka wedding is to announce everybody that the Bride and the Groom are legally and according to their religion rituals got married. In Hindu religious ceremony, all the visitors are welcomed with opened hand served with Beatle leaf, Beatle nut ,white lime(chunnambu) along with chewing tobacco, then cool drinks or milk tea or milk coffee will be served with specially made wedding short eats(Palakaram) of many kinds.

Second important thing of the wedding is to get the blessing from the visitors. According to Tamil culture the Bride family will provide meals to the wedding guests. Once the wedding ceremonies are over, Brides father will present water in a small brass pot to all the visitors to clean their hands and to join for Lunch. Normally weddings take place in the day time to serve the people lunch. In the Srilanka Hindu marriages, the "Manamedai" where the marriage ceremony takes place is being looked as a worshiping place, so, non-veg food will not be served after the ceremony.

At the Dining floor A long mat (Panthip pai) will be laid down. Guests will take their seat, then they will serve water in silver tumblers.

Then banana leaves will be laid down in front of the guests for to serve the food. Salt will be served first in little amount by the servers.

Then the rice will be served by "akappai" (Wooden spoon) minimum three times for each guest. Following that rice, vegetable curries will be served one by one to all the guests. Papadam and fries too will be served. Finally Mysoor Dhal -"Mysoor Parippu" will be served with Gow Ghee. "Drum stick-Murungai kai" and "Maravalli- tapioca" are not served in the wedding as curries. On the second serving of rice they will add Kulambu (hot chili sauce) and rasam or coconut milk spiced water(Sothi).Finally Sweet "payasam","Vadai" and Banana will be served to finish the servings. The wedding food is called "aru suvai unavu", it means There will be minimum 6 kinds of tasty Items.Village Catering Village Catering

CateringIn the Jaffna region there are best cooks with their own cooking team and big pans and utilities. And their foods too are delicious and remembered by people. And in many villages houses used to keep bigger cooking pots that are used to cook rice for 100 people at a time and can cook curry in large amount. Also they kept curry serving pans buckets and spoons. Some houses kept narrow longer mats where at a time nearly 50 persons can sit and dine on a banana leaf. In these villages when a wedding take place all relatives get together and cook foods for the wedding guests.

Today in Colombo city, there are plenty Catering Service providers who take care of everything from serving of the food to cleaning pans.

And they will bring the food in silver containers to the place in vehicle with serving pans, plates, spoons etc. This saves the families of the Bride and bridegroom a lot of work. Some time it makes them nervous too, if the Service didn't reach in time to the wedding hall due to the city traffic. It's better for you to tell them about this problem and get prepared for it.

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